Women’s Health Now – Let’s Reinvigorate the Discussion

If you registered for the live event at the time, then please use the same link and access code to rewatch a recording of the live event video stream!


May 25 2023


7:45 am - 9:30 am

Join our panel discussion!


  • Universal Contraception Coverage in British Columbia: Learn about what this means for Canadian patients. 
  • Menopause and Women in the Work Force: Learn how menopause affects women in their productive years in their career and what is being done to support them.
  • Fertility Care: Enabling access for a diverse community where the traditional family unit is evolving – Learn how one business unit is differentiating themselves during a societal shift in the patient demographic and journey to parenthood. 

At the end of the panel discussion, our speakers answered questions received via chat during the event.


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